Reliable and affordable Air Conditioning Solution We offer free initial assessments and very competitive prices to work for your budget We have experts who are trained for the service and are updated to the latest innovations in the industry.

We offer a complete reliable aircon servicing solution that includes aircon repair, aircon installation, aircon cleaning and aircon gas top up. We also offer Heat Pumps and Refrigeration servicing solution.

Who we are

MPK Air Conditioning we are Gauteng specialises in quality aircon repair service including commercial air conditioning repair works. We also offer complete aircon services including reliable aircon servicing, aircon repair, aircon installation, aircon chemical wash, aircon cleaning and aircon gas top up.

Our Services/Solution

We are dedicated to providing high quality air conditioning services. Our Technicians are experts in air conditioning maintenance and installation Affordable pricing, as well as our quality reputation, has made us a favourite air conditioning choice for businesses and homeowners.


Heat Pumps

We offer Residential Commercial & Industrial Heat pumps repairs maintenance and service. We perform reliably and efficiently solution to meet clients needs.


Air Condition Onsite Cleaning

As part of our maintenance system we offer onsite aircon cleaning, so we can extend its lifespan


Installation, Service, Repairs and Maintenance

We have a vast experience in  installing, maintaining, repairing and servicing home and commercial aircons.


Air & Water Balancing

We regulate indoor as well as outdoor air balance. Air and water balancing refers to the process of regulation of HVAC air supply, return and exhaust or the flow of water through coils for achieving a comfortably conditioned commercial or industrial building.


Total Air Condition Rebuilds

We assisting in building suiting air condition system solution for commercial use.


Refrigeration System Alterations

We offer this service for drying, humidity control, and dust and smoke abatement. Its most familiar function is to provide a comfortable working environment, to increase the comfort and productivity of personnel in offices, commercial buildings, and industrial plants.

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